Double Auction Participant Instructions 

Decision Making Experiment

The experiment is being conducted by Andrew Reeson of CSIRO and Karel Nolles of the the Aton Experimental Economics Lab (AEELab).

The activities for today are:

Activity Duration
1 Reading of the experimental instructions and getting logged in. 10 minutes
2 Familiarisation trading session, to learn how to use the trading screens 5 minutes
3 Experimental Session 10 minutes

The total time required, including reading instructions and receiving payment at the end of the experiment will be approximately 40 minutes.

In today's experiment the conversion rate for the performance payment will be $Exx,xxx to $1. The resulting figure will be rounded up to the nearest half dollar. If the experiment terminates early (for example, due to software problems) then all participants will be paid on the basis of their experimental dollar balance at the time of termination if this is determinable. If this cannot be determined, then an alternative remuneration scheme will be used.

You are free to leave the experiment at any time.  However if you leave before the end of the experiment you will only receive $5

Risks, Benefits and Disclaimers

There are no foreseeable risks or discomforts from your participation in this experiment. Apart from your payments there are no direct personal benefits for participation.  


All data collected will be saved confidentially. No person-identifiable information will be reported in any published or un-published work.

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Last Modified: 18 October 2007